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Terms of Service

1. Liability


1.1. DG Parcel Standard Liability provides cover for loss or damage to a consignment up to the value of £100. 


1.2. Customers may purchase Extended Liability cover up to the value of £1,000 for UK originating shipments and $1,500 for USA originating shipments, at a cost of 3% of the gross consignment value. Please contact us before proceeding with a shipment to confirm.


1.3. The receiver is the designated import of record and is responsible for ensuring compliance with local laws and regulation for the importation of the goods. DG Parcel is not liable for delays or seizure of goods by customs authorities.


1.4. Customers should always check with DG Parcel in advance of a shipment to ensure the particular item(s) can be shipped to the desired destination.


2. Payment


2.1. Payment may be made by debit card, credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.


2.2. Payment is required before DG Parcel can release the shipment


2.3. As far as possible DG Parcel will attempt to quote accurately in advance of shipping. However, the final price will be set once the consignment has been prepared for shipment, after such consignments have been received and reviewed, packaged in compliance with applicable Dangerous Goods regulations, and the final weight and dimensions have been verified.


2.4. Surcharges may apply to some shipments if special packing materials are required according to regulations, or where couriers determine a shipping address to be a remote location, or according to the type of Dangerous Goods.


2.5. In the event a shipment is not able to be delivered and is returned to DG Parcel through no fault of DG Parcel, the associated return charges will be billed to the sender. Such scenarios may arise where a receiver fails to comply with local laws and regulations to receive the goods, or where the receiver fails to make arrangements where required for the customs clearance of a consignment, or where the sender has provided invalid, insufficient, or otherwise bad information relating to the consignment which DG Parcel accepts in good faith.

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