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Electric Bike & Sporting Equipment


Electric bikes have become very popular in recent years, but their high-capacity lithium-ion batteries present problems when trying to ship your e-bike.

It is quite common for batteries to have capacities of 600Wh to 800Wh and as such the batteries, and the bikes they are installed in, to be regulated as Dangerous Goods for transport.

DG Parcel can help you ship your e-bikes, or just the batteries, internationally from the US and UK.

Prices will vary according to the destination, and the packed weight and dimensions of the bike. Typically, international shipping rates for a full e-bike with battery installed start from $1,000 from the US. Prices for a stand-alone battery start from $350, including supply of special IATA-compliant box to fit the battery.

Get in touch for a free quote and we will see how we can best help you.

Other Sporting Equipment

Along with e-bikes, there are other increasingly popular electric sporting equipment such as e-foils or electric surfboards, e-scooters, e-skateboards, self-balancing electric vehicles, specialist electric SCUBA diving equipment, and more. We can help you find the appropriate solution for shipping your equipment.

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