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International Shipping from the UK

DG Parcel offers a range of Dangerous Goods shipping options to meet most needs. Please contact us to speak with a Dangerous Goods specialist who can help find the appropriate solution for your needs.

Full IATA (Air)

We ship full IATA subject to the limitations by our courier partners and applicable airline and country restrictions. We do not ship class 1 Explosives (except 1.4S), or Class 7 Radioactive.

ID8000 Consumer Commodity (Air)

Most common Dangerous goods such as perfume, aerosols, nail varnish, or paint, that are packed in retail packaging, can ship under the ID8000 classification.

Excepted Quantities (EQ) (Air)

Some Dangerous Goods can ship at lower shipping rates if they meet Excepted Quantity provisions. Typically, this applies to small amounts such as perfume bottles containing 30ml or less. Our specialists can advise whether you can benefit from EQ shipping.

Road services (ADR & LQ)

We can ship under ADR regulations which govern road transport of Dangerous Goods, and offer services for shipments falling within Limited Quantity (LQ) provisions, as well as full ADR. We have pallet shipping services for moving large consignments too.

IMDG (Sea)

We offer shipping under IMDG regulations for sea transportation and can move sea freight for large consignments.

UN 3480/3481 Lithium Ion Batteries

Regulations for shipping electronic devices or loose lithium-ion batteries can cause lots of confusion. We can ship lithium-ion batteries that are packed loose, packed with equipment or electronic devices that contain lithium-ion batteries. We can also ship lithium-metal batteries.


If you are a business with a regular or volume shipping requirement please contact us to discuss a solution for you.

Prices start from around £40 for shipping by road into Europe, £65 for an international EQ shipment by air, £115 for an international ID 8000 air shipment, £130 for an international air shipment classed as "inaccessible" and £167 for an international air shipment classed as "accessible".

Billable weight is calculated as the greater of actual weight of volumetric weight. Volumetric wieght is calculated as Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 5000. E.g. 30cm x 30cm x 30cm / 5000 = 5.4kg, which is priced as 6kg.

Our Dangeorus Goods specialists will help determine the most cost-effective shipping option available. Please provide as much information as possible to help us correctly classify the goods. Where possible please provide a Safety Data Sheet (SDS/MSDS) for the products.


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