Shipping Rates

Prices begin at around $60 for a small Excepted Quantities shipment and $135 for a 3lbs package containing typical consumer goods such as perfume or aerosols. Other kinds of Dangerous goods may be more expensive. Please contact us for a quote.

We are able to ship Lithium Ion Batteries also, but the destination restrictions and pricing vary so please contact us for a quote.


If you are a business with a regular or volume shipping requirement please contact us to discuss a solution for you.


All prices exclude sales tax.


Billable weight is calculated as the greater of actual weight of volumetric weight. Volumetric weight is calculated as Length (in) x Width (in) x Height (in) / 139. E.g. 10in x 10in x 10in / 139 = 7.2lbs, which is rounded up to 8lbs and would fall in the 6-10 lbs price band.